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pale + pretty blog that follows back ;)
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The magic carpet of scorpion weed in Mojave Desert, Utah
Every few years for a few short weeks, this remote section of desert is transformed into a magic carpet of purple. But its beauty is best appreciated in a photo- locals talk of the plants giving off a foul smell like human body odour. Worse still, it’s not called Scorpion Weed for nothing - pick this desert blossom up and you’ll get a very nasty rash.
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 ☽ paler&prettier than the cast of twilight ☾
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Corneal deterioration in a patient with Peter’s Anomaly. Peter’s Anomaly is a rare genetic disorder, characterized by hazy corneas, that is caused by abnormal development of structures in front of the vitreous humour. The majority of Peter’s Anomaly is sporadic, bilateral, and is associated with other systemic malformations.